Wedding planning on a good day is a challenging course to navigate. In the COVID-era it may seem at times unsurmountable. This is the time to build a wedding planner into you wedding budget as they will not only smartly and efficiently plan your dream day but handle all the bumps in the road along the way.

“Right now, you need somebody on your side to help you navigate the uncertainty, and help you celebrate safely & beautifully,”  “You and your guests’ health and safety is the top priority. Now more than ever is when a wedding planner can prove to be so valuable to you by staying informed with the sometimes-daily updates and changes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the planning experience and feel confident that you’re making the best decisions you can.”

Keeping up with current restrictions a huge task and having an experienced event professional who is dedicated to this and can guide you through your options will alleviate so much stress. With everything changing daily event planning can be extremely confusing. “A good planner will know all the ins and outs of maneuvering during COVID and that will help keep the you, your guests and the staff working your wedding safe. The last thing a you wants is one your guests becoming sick as a result of your wedding because you didn’t take the right precautions.”

If you think hiring a planner is not possible because of price, know that it can actually be very affordable. You can hire a planner to look after as much or as little as you feel you need help with (and your budget permits). If you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring an event specialist but are unsure about what this person can do for you, review the following perks of hiring a wedding planner.

Find Vendors With Ease
The main function of a wedding planner is to understand your needs and vision. That person is then responsible for finding the best vendors out there for you. After you’ve made the decision to hire a service provider, your wedding planner will negotiate with that vendor. They will also be on-site on your big day to ensure contracted services are fulfilled in a timely manner according to your budget. Some planners may be able to negotiate discounts or little extras from vendors they work with on a consistent basis.

Get Help Where And When You Need It
The most common misconception about hiring a wedding planner is she or he will blow your budget. If you want a full-service package, it’s going to cost you, but many planners are available for hourly consultations at any stage of your wedding planning process. Bottom line: a wedding planner can be as involved, or as hands-off as you want and won’t take charge of your wedding, but rather act as a neutral sounding board.

Save Money, Energy and Sanity
A good planner will inform you of hidden costs, like the taxes and gratuities of (brace yourself) 31 percent on the per person menu charge. Having your planner on-site the day of your celebration ensures things run smoothly. And what do you do when the reception venue staff has placed your chairs in the wrong configuration? Nothing! A good wedding planner will immediately step in and make sure everything runs according to plan.