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Flower Design

Your wedding flowers reflect your unique style. Our designers consider each wedding, no matter the size, as a custom wedding.


Each photographer has their own unique style. Itโ€™s important to do your research as to what style you, as a couple, are drawn to, as it's never a one-size-fits-all situation.


Choosing your wedding venue will undoubtedly be one of the biggest decisions youโ€™ll make as an engaged couple, so itโ€™s good to start considering your options right away.


Sampling cake flavours and choosing from a rainbow of frosting colours make working with a cake designer a truly delicious task. To be sure you're just as satisfied with the end result, follow our guide.


To make a cohesive impression, your wedding invitations should be as coordinated as the rest of your big day.


The ideal honeymoon destination is always a personal choice. All couples are different, so the actual location is something you'll have to decide with your fiancรฉ.


SINCE 2004...

We are a full-service Hong Kong based event management and wedding planning company dedicated to once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. Let I Doโ€ฆ make your vision a reality. Whether youโ€™re planning an intimate affair, or a creative celebration; you deserve to have a coordinator that will help you every step of the way. We will assist in keeping you organised, and ensure that not even the smallest details get overlooked.

Our coordinators will advise you in designing, organising, and executing your event, while making sure your style and personality shines through. Most recently, we were named one of the Top Event Planner in Hong Kong and we are proud to have served countless wedding couples in the past years.
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Are Wedding Planners Worth Their
Weight in Gold?

The answer to that title is YES! Any brideโ€™s most common fear is that disaster will strike on the big day. Perhaps itโ€™s a last minute disaster like a cake not showing up, or a guest walking through a door clearly labeled โ€˜Do not openโ€™ leaving the delicately decorated room exposed to the elements. This is where wedding planners come in, pre-empting challenges and solving problems as they happen to ensure that the day runs seamlessly, and often without the bride even knowing anything went wrong. With the experience and calmness of a planner, youโ€™re able to relax and know itโ€™ll all be taken care of.

Wedding planners deal with venue managers, find replacement vendors when the booked ones cancel last minute (or forget!), move entire locations when the weather is in a bad mood โ€“ disasters come in many forms and wedding planners recognise them all. We know there are a lot of options out there and weโ€™ve heard countless horror stories of brides choosing the wrong one so we wrote this post to help you separate the professionals from the others.

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

With an average minimum cost of around HK$400,000 to get married in Hong Kong, you want to make sure that youโ€™re really getting your dream wedding, so that the memories arenโ€™t eclipsed by the cost. Of course there are ways to cut costs by going DIY, but these often add stress โ€“ i.e. needing to find all of the materials and actually sit down and make 300 or so favours. A planner will have insights about vendors and relationships that undoubtedly offer benefits to you, which can ultimately save you money.

Maybe, itโ€™s not even a matter of finance. You could be a busy working couple who simply doesnโ€™t have the 250 or so hours or so spare that it takes to plan a wedding. By hiring a wedding planner to take care of the details and liaise with event vendors, youโ€™re able to have your vision preserved and eliminate the stress and heartache of compromise. Everything will be ready for your arrival and immersion in this special moment of your lives together.

โ€œ We Are So Glad To Have Been A Small Part Of Your Unique Wedding โ€

The Wedding Planner Hong Kong


Kind Words From Our Lovely Couples

Josh and I are so grateful to have had you over these past 14 months working away on our wedding in Hong Kong. We couldnโ€™t have been happier โ€“ we had so much fun. It really is a testament to how good you are when you can handle Josh (and me)! You are the very best and probably have the most patience of anyone we know. You are wonderful at what you do and such a beautiful person. Our day would not have been nearly as wonderful without you โ€“ and we mean that with our whole hearts. Thank you for all your hard work, reassurance, and making our day seamless! โ€“ Natalie & Josh


Working with Daren was a pleasure. He really knew what he was talking about and went above and beyond anything we had ever asked or hoped for. He was a fountain of ideas, which allowed us to pick and choose what would work best for our wedding. We also had the delight of letting Daren organize and design all of our flowers. The bouquets were stunning, and the center pieces were simple and elegant, exactly what we wanted. When the day of the wedding came, he worked hard to make sure that our day went smoothly. We truly could not have done it without him. We would recommend The Wedding Planner Hong Kong to everyone!! - Shannon & Nate


The problem with time is that it just doesnโ€™t allow you to hit pause especially when it matters the most. If you had the super powers to search our hearts, you would see how happy and grateful we are for every aspect of our relationship and for your generous gift of creativity. Our guests are still kept at awe, the experience was just out of this world. It was indeed a SHOWSTOPPER WEDDING. We will miss the connection, the planning days โ€ฆ.and the ultimate grand finale of the greatest day of our lives and our children yet. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for ALL of it. - Nikita & Sakhile


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