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We are a wedding design and planning boutique based in HK and available worldwide. We work with style-conscious souls, to create beautifully authentic celebrations and considered gatherings.

Visual, sensory and emotive experiences, infused with personal touches and considered details.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and wide open spaces, our style is organic, elegant and understated. So we combine an artful, refined and natural design aesthetic with a love of cultivating richly-authentic experiences. Experiences that are full of soul and fun for all.

We help you embrace your own individual style. Weaving in your unique character and personality to create an atmosphere that feels just like home. A celebration that could only ever belong to you.

We are luxury wedding planners and event designers, since we founded TWP in 2013, we have planned and designed many weddings and events from Hong Kong, SE Asia to Europe. 

Although our headquarters is in the heart of Hong Kong. We regularly travel internationally for our client events. We have an extensive and trusted network, and only seek out the very best artisan providers and producers to work with.

Our ultimate passion is to create a beautiful designed and effortlessly flowing event. We do so by tackling the planning process with curiosity and creativity, believing everything has a solution – it’s just about looking at it differently.

Find out more about our approach as a modern wedding planner or read more about our services.

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life”

About Ruby & Daren
It’s a thought we’ve often pondered and a question we get asked a lot. What is our signature style? And it’s one that is so hard to define. Is it fine-art, organic, luxury, creative or quirky. We’d say it’s all of these things and more. It’s our own unique take on the tasteful and the artful, and that intuitive knowing about what it takes to really bring people together, to unify them in celebration or community.

We're not obsessed with weddings, We're obsessed with people. Understanding our clients are our ultimate goal, so that we can create something for them that speaks their language and feels so right, deep down in their souls.

We love simple but delicious food, fine wines, carefully-crafted cocktails, a relaxed and personable atmosphere and seasonal fresh produce with local provenance. In life and work we have a strong focus on wellness and authentic experiences, that feeling of being connected to people and nature – it just can’t be beaten. We also love to travel and soak up design inspiration from architecture to interiors, fashion to art. These are the snippets of our life and the variety of influences that flow through everything we create as a luxury wedding planner and event curator.
Made with Love in Hong Kong
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