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November 4, 2018

How to Plan a Honeymoon

One of the highlights of planning your wedding is making preparations for your honeymoon. Regardless of whether you will travel for a weekend or three weeks, you look forward to your first vacation as a married couple, which is a celebration of your nuptials. Planning the honeymoon of your dreams can be exciting—yet daunting.
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Selection a Destination Together and Plan in Advance

Step 1

Decide together on a few options for a honeymoon destination. Choices can include a Maldive vacation at a resort, a ski week in Japan, sightseeing in Europe or a trip to Disneyworld; the possibilities are endless. List the pros and cons of each; choose one that best reflects the interests of both of you.

Step 2

Plan a budget for your honeymoon. Before you select a resort or make a hotel reservation, plan a realistic honeymoon budget. If money is an issue, consider asking family to contribute to the honeymoon in lieu of a gift. Know what you have to spend in advance and plan accordingly. Your budget should include airfare, accommodations, entertainment, sightseeing and transportation.

Step 3

Work with a travel agent or plan online. Decide together if you will work with a travel agent to handle your honeymoon planning or if you will plan your trip online. If working with a travel agent, ask friends or relatives to recommend a reliable agent. If you are planning on your own, research destinations, resorts or hotels carefully.

Step 4

Select a resort or hotel and activities. Once you decide together on a destination, choose a resort. Research various resorts and select one that offers a variety of activities that will suit both of you. Decide if you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, a resort that allows or doesn't allow children and the like. If you are not staying at a resort, research hotels in the area and sightseeing and entertainment activities.

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